A Favorite in Canberra

A Favorite in Canberra

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I visited Canberra. Right before driving back to Sydney, we decided to have lunch in the city. While walking towards the main street, a nice wooden sign caught my attention. And without further notice, I almost dragged my wife into Bentspoke Brewing.co and boy were we happy I did.

A Brewery First

As the name implies, it is a fully functional brewery and all beers are lovingly crafted by the owner and the staff. The beer culture is fully embedded in the place with the visible "coppers" and even some dried hop branches hanging down from the ceiling.

At the moment, Bentspoke has 18 home-brewed beers on the tap. That, in my records is pretty impressive. But what is beer when you can't have it with your favourite bbq? They have you covered. The staff developed a "traveler", a pressurised and insulated 2L container to keep the beer cold and fresh. What a great idea.

Sitting in a brewery for lunch, I couldn't pass on trying a beer. The friendly barmaid recommended me a Grainy stout and I was very happy with that choice. This particular beer is made of 5 different types of grains and was a delight to drink. Not being the biggest beer enthusiast, my wife chose a hot of the press apple und rhubarb cider, which she really found delicious.

A Restaurant Second

Besides having a fabulous beer list, they had an interesting pub food menu. Their specialty is to infuse their own beer to their dishes. So for example, I tried the B-Ten Burger with beef brisket that was cooked with the Big Nut beer. And this made it really special as you could really feel the difference in taste. Overall, the food was not only a nice addition but an experience itself (although a bit pricey for students on a budget like us).

Overall, my wife and I had a really pleasant experience visiting this brewery in Canberra. And I had a blast trying good beer and taking photos. I instantly knew I wanted to take some photos from the place when we entered and the staff happily agreed. As an aspiring photographer, it pushed me to develop a vision for photos in a confined space, which is very different from landscape photography. And I must say that I am quite happy with the result. Let me know what you think.

PS: if you happen to stay in Canberra and are looking for a place to have a beer or eat out, you now know where to go. And if you are not sure which beer to get from the impressive list, just ask the friendly staff.