Who is More Important To a Small Business Leader: Its Customers or Employees?

Most new business owners or leaders will probably ask that question at some point: which is more important, our clients or the team? Which area should get my highest priority?

Who is More Important To a Small Business Leader: Its Customers or Employees?

As I recently transitioned from operations to managing director of a small business, I also asked myself that question. Life is busy as a leader, and sometimes our priorities can quickly become mixed up. So the question is crucial as we all try to get our priorities right and focus on the important.

After some reflection, it's the same question as asking if the chicken or the egg came first. Think about it: without a winning team, clients will look elsewhere. And without clients, the team will eventually run out of challenges and search for new job opportunities.

If we think outside the box, the force that drives both customer and employee happiness is the business leader. It's a matter of company culture essentially. We won't dive much deeper into that topic because this will be the theme for a future blog post (stay tuned for that in the coming weeks).

Here is a practical suggestion you can start implementing today. Schedule a weekly check-in for both areas (clients and employees) and ask yourself if your business is on track in that area. Is there anything that holds back the team to work efficiently and serve customers well? Are clients waiting for feedback? Are there roadblocks in your system or processes that will lead to future problematic client situations?

I believe that if we continuously assess our performance and do the hard work of fixing broken things, our employee and customer satisfaction will significantly improve. And the business will be thriving.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter.