Why I Am Writing More in 2020

General Jan 26, 2020

With the passing of 2019, I was reviewing my habits and themes for the new year. Among other things, I noticed that during the past year I read close to over 50 books. This on top of all the blogs and articles I read when I have some free time.

To remember the best bits and pieces of the writing I read, I have set up a system to keep everything ready and organized if I need it later (this could be the topic of another post honestly).

But when I was reviewing my year, I found that yes I read and think a lot about different topics but then my process stops. And the most important part – processing – was missing. Research shows that to "process" or think through ideas, one effective method is to sit down and write. To flesh out those ideas in your own words.

So to do that, I set out on a journey this January 2020 and set up my own home (meaning my website) for my writing. Honestly, I took me down the usual rabbit hole of looking for the best tool or system for that. But finally, I decided to just go for it – meaning it doesn't have to be perfect – and start publishing. My writing will mainly be aroud the topics of business, tech and leadership in the digital age.

I would enjoy getting your comments or questions when my first "real" post will hit the website. For the time being you can ping me on twitter. When I find the time I would like to implement a comments section. But this will take some time to do right.

Thanks for following along.

Seb Zurcher

Engineer, volunteer firefighter, husband and dad. Photography afficionado. Always learning. Passionate about leadership & business applied to a globalised and digital world.